Portable High Frequency LZ-006A

Reference: LZ-006A
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High frequency currents - known in cosmetics currents Darsonvala used to stimulate metabolism, enhance blood flow in the skin, causing local hyperemia, but above all they have a surface activity of disinfectants and antiseptics.
Darsonval is a device that connects directly to the mains The apparatus is extremely handy and compact, the handle has a built-in on / off switch at the same time regulating the current. In addition to the device there are also four glass electrodes, which can be selected according to the area of skin to be treated.

  • electrode of wands (sticks), - for removing the individual impurities.
  • mushroom-shaped electrode (mushroom) - suitable for disinfection of the entire face.
  • tear electrode (teaspoon) - to be more difficult to reach surfaces, for example. Recess around the nose,
  • comb electrode - to the revitalization of the scalp, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Power 10w.