QBD Acrygel Uv/Led Diamond Glitter 15ml, 06

Reference: QBD Acrygel 06
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The Acrygel of the company QBD 15ml

Waiting time in the oven (LED lamp 1 minute, UV lamp 2 minutes)
easy application
many different shades
suitable for planning (not building)


We can work with it as long as we want, since it does not dry on its own like acrylic.
We give it whatever shape we want, like

acrylic but does not run like gel.
It is more flexible than acrylic and more durable than gel.
It is light as material.

It is mainly indicated for design and coating on the nail and not for building due to the quantity in ml

We place plastic extension of the free end (tips) with glue on the nail and then cover with the material. The material is placed all over the nail, from the nail plate to the end of the plastic extension

Dual form System

We use a plastic form that looks like tips. We put the material on its underside and then place it on the nail.

We can expand by putting more material on the bottom side of the form.

In the case of acrylic, wait for it to dry. In the case of polygel, we polymerize the material together with the form. Finally, we remove the form and the material is left on the nail.

Inverted Nail System – Inverted Moulds

It is similar to the application of the Dual form, with the difference that the form we use stays on the nail and we do not remove it. The form, which also looks like tips, is a little thinner and sticks to the material, unlike the dual form, which comes off after the material dries or polymerizes.

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QBD Acrygel 06

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