Mobray Wholesale Supply 6 Color Poly Gel Kit Free Sample

Reference: Poly Gel MBR-6
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Package: 15ml poly nail gel*8 (6*normal color, 2*temperature color changing), 1*12ml base gel , 1*12ml top coat, 1*30ml slip solution, 100pcs nail molds, 1*poly nail gel brush pen, 1* nail file, 1*box nail-art rhinestones, 1*pc nail sticker and beautiful Gift Box.
❤Flexible and Strong: It's stronger, more flexible , easier to control than other nail extension. It's lighter than acrylic or UV builder gel, when you do the nails, it seems like you wear nothing on your nails. It makes your nails look natural, with pretty length and neatness.
❤Trendy Nail Art: With the poly nail gel kit, save your time and money for nail salon, and you can create various ornate and beautiful extension nails or other nail art design, perfect for nail art beginners or professional.
❤Long-lasting Effect: Extension gel nails will last up to about one month or longer with proper nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning ). For the better adhesion, you can also apply nail dehydrator and primer which can last the nail much longer. Please note that filing and base coat are the key points to the long-lasting effect!
❤Note: You need to prepare the slip solution to shape the poly nail gel. Make more practice, even you are a beginner, you can also do it!

Poly Gel MBR-6