Black Light Flashlight, Fsmart Scorpion UV Light Pet Urine Detector

Референция: UV TORCH
2,99 €
С вкл. данък

The mini led nail lamp is a unique gadget for fast polymerization of designs and decorative nails, in seconds!

It cures in about 15 seconds (depending on the pigment), without its light coming in contact with your eyes!

Easy to transport and use!

It consists of 12 led lights, its size is 9.2 cm x 2.5 cm and for its operation you need 3 AAA batteries which are NOT included!

instructions for use

After applying your semi-permanent varnish, turn on the mini lamp for 15 seconds at a short distance above the nail… then you can apply the top coat in the exact same way!


With the silicone led flashlight, you can very easily and correctly remove the various nail decorations.

This product is recommended to dry our nail art easily and quickly so that we can continue it and perfect it more immediately without “running” us !!


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