WiFi интелигентен разклонител Защита от пренапрежение с 4 интелигентни щекера 4 USB порта Удължителен кабел

Референция: LC-506W-GE
48,00 €
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smart power strip, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Schedule feature&Timer function

Energy saving

How to use Smart Life/Tuya smart App

Works with the amazon alexa/Google Assistant/SmartTings/Yandex Alice

Step 1:Download Smart Wifi App,you can download it on the ISO App Store/Google play or scan the QR code

Step 2:Register a Smart Life account and login

Step 3: Connect the smart power strip with your phone on 2.4G WIFI

Step 4: Add the device" ELECTRICAL OUTLET"

Step 5: Select the mode.Rapid blinking mode and slow blinking mode.Then schedule your appliances

Timer: Please do not set the same time, otherwise it will be unavailable.
Scenario application: Please add a delay when setting.
4 USB supports synchronous off and on function.
Purchase notice: Since this is cross-border long-distance transportation, we cannot guarantee that the product packaging box will remain intact when delivered.


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