Водоразтворим ролков восък Депилаторен восък, пълнител за восъчни стикове за обезкосмяване, 150 gm

Референция: 150g – Water soluble wax
1,20 €
С вкл. данък

color : ΜΕΛΙ

To avoid being scalded, please test the temperature of the wax and wait for a while before use. Or place the wax on a non-woven fabric strip for use.

INGREDIENTS:Sugar,Water,Edible Flavor,Food Color.Water-Soluble wax. Not Sticky Chemical Wax.

CONVENIENCE:Disposable, easy to clean by water after waxing

APPLICATION: Easy to apply on any skin of the Face, , hand, ,legs,and arms (except sensitive or injured skin)

IMPORTANT POINT: Pls keep the depilated area DRY and CLEAN when using the wax, then the hair could be taken off better.

150g – Water soluble wax