Дистанционно управление за LG RM-L930

Референция: AKB73615307
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смарт LCD/LED телевизор с меню+настройка 3D,Netflix, Amazon, My apps+ТХТ+DVD for LG World most TV remote control

TV remote control is made of high quality ABS material, wearable and durable for long time use. It is specially designed for LG smart TV, which can be used to switch the volume up/down and the TV on/off or change the channel on your TV. High performance and low energy consumption, you can remote up to 8 meters with stable performance. Easy to grip and use, just need to install 2 × AA batteries(not included) before use.


Shell Material: ABS

Model: RM-L930

Control Distance: > 8m 

Battery: 2 × AA Battery (Not included)

Power Supply: DC 3V

Suitable: for LG Smart AKB Whole Series 

Size: Approx. 22 × 5 × 2.5cm / 8.7 × 2.0 × 1.0in

Weight: Approx. 90g

LG AKB73615307 is dedicated for these LG TV models: 32LM3400, 32LM611S, 37LM611S, 42LM3400, 42LM615S, 47LM615S, 55LM615S, LG LCD/LED TV 69710900010A 69710900010E 69710900010F 69710900010G 69710900010J 69710900010S 69710900011W 69710T00008B 69710T00008C 69710T00008G 69710T00017M 69710T00017Q

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MKJ40653807 MKJ40653831 MKJ42519601 MKJ42519604 MKJ42519605 MKJ49980313 MKJ61611303 105-207J 105-209A/B/C/D/L/J/M 105-210A/E/F/J/M 105-212D/NP/Q/R/Z 105-214C/G/L/S/V/PF 105-219A/D/L 105-224F/P 105-224G/F/P/Z 105-229Y/B/D 105-230A/C/D/F/G 105-230H/J/K/M/Y 6710900010S  6710900011N  6710900014A  6710T00017J and so on


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