116 QBD Gel Nail Polish 10ml Soak Off salon professional products Art UV Polishes Gel

Reference: QBD 116
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Fresh color, great coloration, only need to brush once (brush once can reach the color you need).
(2)Good leveling property: When brushed on nail, it can make the color uniformity and smooth by itself.
(3)Appearance: Single color gel: Odorless Glitter color gel: Light Pine scent
(4) Wide Usage: UV/LED Lamp.
(5) Curing time: UV/LED 60-90 seconds (Professional standard)
(6)Single color gel: color won’t delaminate
Glitter color gel: glitter won’t delaminate
(8)Long adhesive, it can keep 25-30days
(9)Can be applied as builder gel(It needs to brush thicker and roast drier when be used as builder gel)
(10) High strain and elasticity. It can be applied in professional color drawing.(It needs to stir this product well and smoothly
before apply this product to color drawing).

QBD 116

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